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Mission:  To inspire every learner to excel.

Vision:  Columbus Community School District will create learners ready for intellectual work and contributions to a global community.


***School Improvement Needs Assessment Survey***

CCISD in cooperation with the State mandated SIAC committee are conducting a two week (March 5 thru March 19) “School Improvement Needs Assessment Survey”. This survey is very important to the future of our school and the community. Results of this survey will be used to assess district strengths and areas of needed improvement. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and the survey methods have been created so that it will not be possible to identify individual responses with individual people.

Overviews of the survey in three languages and links to take the survey are available at http://columbusjunctioniowa.org/school-survey/ .  As SIAC committee members we would be very appreciative if you as an important stakeholder in your school system would participate in the survey, and encourage, your family, and friends to participate.

Thank you for your consideration!


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